Empty home:

When not properly maintained, an empty home may well suffer problems with the plumbing because, over time, the pipes corrode and the tiles and welding loosen. The electrical wiring also needs to be checked after a while to guarantee the insulation of the conductors and connections. The tiles and walls also tend to suffer problems of condensation when homes aren’t ventilated.

At Centro de Asistencia we offer to:

  • Ventilate the home often enough to prevent damp from forming...
  • Clean metallic objects and parts regularly.
  • Check doors, windows and enclosing elements.
  • Paint the walls when required. Walls suffer expansions and contractions due to temperature and this causes cracks, fissures and flaking.
  • As regards plumbing, cistern mechanisms, taps and hoses have watertight seals that can crack through lack of use and cause damp. It’s very important to check for possible leaks.

    Holiday home:

    Have you ever gone away for a few days and found your holiday home dirty and unattractive, the garden or swimming pool untended, and possibly some unexpected malfunction?

    So as to avoid those problems, Centro de Asistencia can send its team of professionals to your home and solve any problem before you arrive.