Eight out of ten people believe that the price of electricity is exorbitant.

Consumers also feel that the cost of gas, internet and landline is out of line with how much they use those services. The increase in the price of the majority of basic services is felt in the purse, but the situation isn’t hopeless. The best thing is to follow a savings plan which helps you to lessen the effects of those increases as far as possible.

While it’s a good start to know a few tricks that help you heat up or cool down your home without breaking the bank, it’s also important to properly check the utilities bill and know users’ rights in order to save more and better. There are many easy habits that help us to consume less.

Appropriate research into the utilities companies and proper use of their services helps us to spend less on electricity, gas and telephone.

At Centro de Asistencia we help you contract utilities and we check your bills to achieve a monthly saving in electricity, telephone, gas, etc. What’s more, we’ll give you some tips how to make better use of them.