At Centro de Asistencia we help you decide which company offers the best prices and the cover that best suits your needs. Our experts will advise you on medical, home, car and life insurance, among others.

The Internet and the development of the insurance sector online have exponentially increased our options when comparing insurance prices quickly and conveniently. But in order to be sure that the cheap option doesn’t turn out expensive, it is important to bear some important things in mind when contracting insurance.

Insurance quality: By comparing prices, it is possible to find the policies that best suit your budget, without forgetting that the most important thing is to contract cover with quality insurance companies.

Detailed information: You should demand that the information about the policy is detailed, above all as regards included and excluded cover. Only that way is it possible to know the product and avoid surprises.

Pay for what’s needed: It is important to review the cover contracted and check it meets your actual needs. If you haven’t checked your insurance cover for a while, you may find unnecessary cover or cover with a large excess.