Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a professional at home: doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, psychologist, choropodist, nutritionist, hairdresser, beautician, etc.

Doctors and nurses: Attention at home aims to ensure proper monitoring of patients. Thus the patient gains in terms of intimacy, comfort and well-being. The medical professional becomes a central part of the assistance and takes part in decision-taking. It brings about a reduction in the number of admissions and visits to Casualty, disruptive for everyone, and boosts the patient’s well-being and that of their families.

We provide a general medical and nursing service for people who can’t attend a medical centre or a hospital, generally due to advanced age or chronic illness. The doctor will monitor the patient’s health in the patient’s own home.

Physiotherapy: We can help with rehabilitation and solution of your physical problems. We have highly trained professionals and we offer the most advanced treatments.

Psychologist: If you’re looking for a psychologist who can offer therapy or psychological assistance in your home, we will help to put you in touch with professionals who can provide such services in your area.

Chiropodist: We offer a home chiropodist service, making the best treatments available to you, adapted to each patient and depending on the type of problem to be treated. We put you in touch with a professional chiropodist who’ll be able to remedy any type of pain, and assess and care for your feet.

Nutritionist: Learn how to follow a healthy and balanced diet without the help of any food supplements. Our nutritionist will help you to have a diet adapted to your age and all types of pathologies (food allergies or intolerances, high blood pressure, cholesterol, oncological processes, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal illnesses, etc).

Hairdresser and beautician: Home hairdresser and beautician service specially designed for older people who find it difficult to travel to a beauty salon. Thanks to this service, you can benefit from personalised attention in your own home.