There are many activities that allow elderly people to continue to be fully active and enjoy their free time, participating in society and improving their quality of life.

You don’t like to go to the cinema, theatre or sporting event by yourself? We take care of collecting the tickets and will accompany you to see the latest releases in the cinema. We can also go with you to a sporting occasion or on a visit to a museum or gallery that you’d love to see.

If you’d like to study something you left unfinished when you were younger, don’t think twice. We’ll help you enrol on the course you want to study.

The capacity to study is of no age and in many cases mental agility and memory are lost through lack of use. Courses for older people are full of students whose interest in learning and forging new relationships haven’t been dulled by the years.

Older people who undertake any kind of education note an improvement in their quality of life, achieved through the development of their intellectual capacities. Lifelong learning is a key component of an active old age and personal autonomy.