The 24-hour care service is aimed at elderly people who live at home and who need continuous care and assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


A live-in carer is the best home care option for people living at home but who need supervision and attention at all times. Thanks to the live-in carer, our elderly clients receive attention 24 hours a day, preventing loneliness.


Live-in carers are tasked with the usual household tasks, assisting the person in their care with the preparation of meals, daily washing/bathing, cleaning, ironing, supervision of medicine-taking, and keeping them company.


They will also accompany the client on day-to-day trips like shopping, visits, medical appointments, religious services, chemist’s, hairdresser’s and so on.


Live-in carers take on care of the person whom they assist and also care of the home. The live-in care option is the one that provides the most peace of mind and confidence for users’ families, given that in addition to the fact that all the tasks required by the person or for the home are covered, the client will be accompanied at all times and helped immediately in the event of emergency.