The live-out care option is perfect for people who are self-sufficient and don’t need a carer 24 hours a day. It is also designed for those families who need help caring for their senior members and require cover at particular times of the day, week or weekends. Live-out carers, in addition, are used to assist relatives with the more difficult day-to-day tasks such as washing/bathing, preparing food and meals or accompanying clients on their visits outside the home (health centre, religious services, shopping and similar).


Recent years have seen a notable increase in the hiring of live-out assistants. It offers peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that someone will regularly attend the home and follow up on our relatives who, while self-sufficient, need help and help with certain tasks.


This option extends to accompanying clients on their day-to-day trips outside the home, and when needed to covering for the family or carers of elderly relatives. It can be contracted just for nights, weekends or occasional days.


The live-out carer will work in the client’s home for a certain number of hours, and can perform usual domestic tasks or assist the elderly person with personal care.