The loss of a loved one is a painful and traumatic experience, which also involves dealing with a series of legal procedures and matters which are complicated at times.

It is normal that the emotional burden of the situation causes many people to feel somewhat lost in this administrative aspect that inevitably accompanies a death. Therefore many people prefer to have someone from outside the family handle some of those matters..


At Centro de Asistencia we take charge of handling all necessary steps with undertakers: price comparison, steps for preparing the burial, cremation or wake, etc.

We also take care of overseeing expatriation and we provide legal advice in matters with the civil registry, notary, Social Security and so on.

The 10 steps that must be taken when someone dies:

  • Obtaining the death certificate. It is issued by the doctor who treated the deceased or the doctor who identified the body.
  • Registration of the death with the civil registry, which provides the burial or cremation licence.
  • The burial or cremation can only take place after the two above steps have been concluded.
  • Certification of last will and testament.
  • Certification of insurance.
  • After locating the insurance policy and checking the beneficiaries, contacting the insurance company.
  • Requesting the notary for a copy of the will.
  • If there is no will, carrying out a declaration of heirs before a notary or court. Once done, the estate is shared out pursuant to the law.
  • Steps for obtaining the widow(er)’s pension and accepting the inheritance.
  • Payment of taxes connected to the inheritance.