We offer a home cook service according to the needs of each client. Taking into account the tastes and preferences of the client and family, menus and dishes are planned with the advice of our nutritionist. A shopping list is prepared based on the meal planned and the shopping, if required by the client. Then the dishes are prepared and the kitchen cleaned.

The great advantage for the family who hires a cook is having varied, top quality menus. What’s more, the cook will leave food prepared for those days when it’s needed (weekends, holidays, etc).

The home cook works a number of specific hours, so his or her salary is not usually fixed. It depends on the time needed to prepare the menus requested.

Services provided:

  • Design of weekly or daily menus.
  • Preparing the shopping list.
  • Preparing the shopping list.
  • Doing the shopping in the supermarket.
  • Preparing dishes.
  • Preparing menus for special events with guests.
  • Kitchen cleaning and table service.