Centro de Asistencia will help you find the ideal childminder or babysitter in very little time. What kind of childminder do you need? How many hours do you want them to spend with your children?

You can find childminders who work full-time, part-time or by the hour. Find the most suitable minder for your children. We offer workers who are responsible, friendly and completely trustworthy.

If something has come up and you need a childminder urgently, we’ll help you find the ideal person in record time.

Choosing someone to stay with your children is of the utmost importance. At Centro de Asistencia we’ll help you find the best candidate through their CV, experience, availability and references.

The work of a childminder:

  • To be able to create a safe and pleasant environment that stimulates children.
  • To prepare meals for the children, feed them and change their clothing if needed.
  • To keep the room clean and tidy.
  • To carry out activities outside the family home; taking the children for a walk and to play with other kids, ensuring that they mix with the other children and enjoy themselves in safe, supervised surroundings.
  • Looking after the children when they are ill.
  • To be capable of detecting the needs of the child before they become all too clear.